An Unforgettable Installation

35 million times a weekday, someone boards public transportation. For those without cars – public buses, trains, subways, and planes provide millions of people with access to their communities and beyond, whether it’s flying across the state to a conference or boarding the subway to get to a doctor’s appointment – Split Flap can let people know where they need to go – in a nostalgic engaging way.

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Split Flap is a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable installation: the intersection of mesmerizing art, electro-mechanical complexity, and updated interactive technology – a major brand investment for any space.

Split Flap Display in Transportation

With so many people coming and going at various times, it’s important for public transportation stations to display information quickly and effectively. From arrival times and delay information to platform and gate numbers, Split Flap Displays make it easy to relay pertinent information to travelers. Split Flap Displays can be heard changing information, even over the hustle and bustle that comes with public transportation stations.

Check out what we did for Honeygrow, a restaurant group based in Philly:

Our Split Flap Display can be integrated with a variety of API’s including common social media platforms, transit systems, weather, and more, giving the average daily commuter more than just their travel information..  Here are some examples of how to use Split Flap in your transportation center:

Real-time Scheduling

Real-time Data

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How Oat Foundry Makes Split Flap Displays

Each Oat Foundry Split Flap Display contains an array of individual modules.  Each module comes with 50 unique character flaps and its own driving motor.  Using a hall effect sensor, the modules continuously track their home position to avoid miscommunication.  The Oat Foundry Split Flap Display runs on Linux and has a cloud based messaging interface so you can send it your custom messages from anywhere in the world – manually or autonomously.  See below how you can talk directly to your Split Flap Display anywhere, anytime.

The Split Flap is designed and manufactured with over 5,800 parts per standard 48 module display which runs on 110-220V power. Numbers, letters, and characters are displayed on each flap, precisely rotated to show the desired message commanded by our interface.

From sheet metal and PCB design to how we get the motors to turn the flaps, Oat Foundry designs and manufactures every part of our Split Flap Displays right here in our shop just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

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Talk to Your Split Flap

Click through to learn more about how to use our custom Split Flap Web App


What Makes Us Different

Our Split Flap Display is updated for the 21st century and fully customizable.  Our web app was built from the ground up with the Split Flap in mind so each of the thousands of parts work in harmony instantly once you press “Send” on your message.  Our Split Flap Display can also be integrated with a variety of API’s including common social media platforms, point of sale systems, transit systems, weather, messaging services, and more.  The WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities directly incorporated into our display offer a host of new applications for this nostalgic tech.

Oat Foundry also offers various levels of customization options to tailor your Split Flap to fit your brand.  From our standard black with white text, you can change the sheet metal (cabinet) color as well as the flap/font color to fit your needs.  If color isn’t enough, we can also build in a custom font package as well as several custom characters (like emojis or logos) that fit the message you’re trying to send – all in any size you’d like.

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