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Los Angeles, California

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When expanding the cult-favorite bakery and lifestyle brand, Milk Bar to the West Coast, Master Chef Judge and Founder, Christina Tosi, wanted the design of their newest and biggest location to “color outside the lines” of any other Milk Bar that they’ve opened before.

To set their new Melrose Avenue location apart from the rest, the Milk Bar team developed the brand’s first-ever Milk Bar Lab, an experience center that operates as an educational test kitchen to host baking classes and experiment with new recipes for customers to taste. In developing the design of the lab, the store designer knew that they wanted to incorporate a sign that would serve as a unique interactive menu for classes and events. After some research, they decided that an old-school Split Flap Display from Oat Foundry would really be the icing on the cake.

The Milk Bar Lab serves as a multi-functional space for a range of events. Because of this, the store design team made it essential that the sign would bring a unique and personalized element to the event space. The display also needed to be easy for the staff to manage and change on a daily basis.

To make their dreams a reality, Milk Bar Director of Creative, Ursula Viglietta, worked directly with Oat Foundry to create a three-row by thirty-two column Split Flap display. This display would serve as the ad hoc menu in their Milk Bar Lab. Because of the flexibility that the display offers, Oat Foundry was able to customize a single flap to display the Milk Bar pink color to incorporate it into their daily messages.

The lab is constantly changing from a classroom to an experiential kitchen and even an event space. With this, the messaging functionality of the Split Flap display provides the flexibility needed for the staff to quickly process and manage any changes that need to be made to the display’s content. Using the Split Flap Web App, the Milk Bar team can easily plug in a message or a new menu and instantly send it to the display or schedule it to occur at a certain time.

Now, not only does the Split Flap Display blend in seamlessly with the design of Milk Bar’s sweet new home on Melrose Avenue, but it has also helped to improve the daily staff functions in their brand-new Milk Bar Lab.

Now sitting on the wall of their Milk Bar Lab, the Split Flap display rotates a number of fun on-brand Milk Bar sayings, like “I seriously love you,” and once the lab is ready to open, it’s updated with a “Class is in Session” message and then the complete menu is displayed for the day.

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    Location: Milk Bar
    Founder: Christina Tosi

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