Deadwords Brewing

Orlando, Florida

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Deadwords Brewing is located in “The City Beautiful,” or as many others know it, Orlando. Many of us remember making the trek down to see our favorite characters at the amusement parks around the area. Now there’s a spot we can enjoy where the minimum age is 21 – Deadwords Brewing. The brewery sits right on North Orange Blossom Trail and is just minutes from Universal and Disney World – an easy pit stop for your next trip down there.

Deadwords Brewing’s name is inspired by the Hymn to Ninkasi. “A nearly 4,000-year-old beer recipe written in an archaic language. To us, it was fascinating to realize that although the earliest words used to describe and define it are now “dead languages,” beer has outlived those words – and even the civilizations that have consumed it.” ( They know how to brew as their name is derived from beer.

Deadwords is a hidden gem in Orlando of its modern interior and ancient vibe. The space is decorated with Mesopotamian artifacts and numerous designs with blue, brown, and ivory color accents throughout. Upon arrival, guests open a mirror door, not only shedding light from the hot Florida sun but also hiding what the inside of Deadwords has to offer. The mirrored front door opens up to the taproom giving you a one-way direction to the bar to taste their delicious drafts. A Split Flap sits above the bar – one of the first things to catch your eye among the many decorations around the place.

Deadwords needed a Split Flap to cycle through their ever-changing tap list and run through quotes explaining the ancient history behind their name and beer brewing process – they actually use a clay pot to brew some of their beers as they did back in the day (B.C.E. days that is) check it out here. The clay pot isn’t the only thing that pays homage to history. Their Split Flap acts as a perfect way to blend modern tech into the ancient design without the starkness of LED screens.

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    Location: Deadwords Brewing

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