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Oat Foundry Flap Board Ties New Memphis Hilton Garden Inn to its Transit “Routes”

Transforming Downtown

From 1950 to 2011, the site of the new downtown Hilton Garden Inn Memphis was home to the city’s Greyhound Bus Station. A gateway to Downtown Memphis, the station was a hub for local travelers and visitors. In an effort to keep the element of travel alive in downtown after the Greyhound station moved to the Memphis Area Transit Authority and to improve the area in the heart of the city, a Hilton Garden Inn was erected in its place.

The new seven floor hotel houses 150 rooms, a fitness center, indoor pool and a slew of meeting and event spaces – which is to be expected from the brand. But when opening this specific Hilton Garden Inn, the owners wanted to create a lifestyle brand that offers visitors, a unique, local feel.

hilton garden inn flapboard
hilton garden inn flapboard
hilton garden inn bus terminal memphis

Traveling Back in Time

When building out the design of the hotel’s main spaces, including the lobby, reception, restaurant and the hotel’s upscale gin bar – The Greyhound, the design firm, 1213ID wanted to honor the history of the site and at the same time, incorporate elements of the city’s deep musical roots.

Greetings from 1950!

hilton garden inn bus terminal memphis_2

(postcard from Memphis bus station gift shop)

Blending past and present

Playing up the travel theme, 1213ID installed a 4 row by 24 column Split Flap Display in the hotel’s dining area to act as a notice board for guests visiting the music city and add an element of nostalgia to the space. Reminiscent of an old-school bus station arrival and departures board, the Oat Foundry Split Flap Displays a range of fun welcome messages for guests and promotes upcoming local music events. Giving the hotel a platform to easily interact with guests, while also tying into the location’s transit roots, the Oat Foundry Split Flap display adds a unique and local element to Memphis’ new Hilton Garden Inn.

Flap Board Display memphis

Add a nostalgic element to your space

Split Flap Displays are a great way to add an air of nostalgia and simplicity to your hospitality space. Oat Foundry displays are completely customizable in font, size and color, to fit any application or brand identity.

If interested in exploring the opportunity of incorporating a Split Flap display into your next project, contact us here.

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