How Lucky Dorr Uses a Split Flap to Engage with Guests’ Social Media

Searching for Nostalgia

The Chicago Cubs recently renovated a portion of Wrigley Field named “the Park at Wrigley” – and Oat Foundry was there to add a custom Split Flap to the mix. As the Cubs put it, ‘sitting in the heart of Wrigleyville, the Park at Wrigley offers a beautiful open-air destination for farmers markets, community events, festivals, dining and much more’.

Lucky Dorr is a craft beer taproom at “the Park” that was looking for a unique, attention-grabbing way to display the many craft beers they have on tap. Enter Split Flap – a unique and nostalgic way to display some of the bar’s beers, their favorite quotes, brand styling, and more with new integrated technology updated for the 21st century.

Lucky Dorr’s Split Flap was installed during the final days of preparation for the grand opening in July 2017. The Oat Foundry team was on site to perform the installation.

Lucky Dorr Bar
Lucky Dorr Case Study

Fast Forward 1-Year

Over the past year, Lucky Dorr has grown into a “must-visit” for Chicago tourists and a local go-to spot for Cubs fans after the game. Due to their recent one year anniversary, we checked in on the progress of the bar.

Down to Brass Tacks

Social media has been a huge factor in the growth and popularity of Lucky Dorr. We dug deeper to understand how Split Flap has aided in their growth.
Of all Instagram photos geotagged to Lucky Dorr, nearly 15% incorporated the Split Flap into the background. Guests can be seen throughout the day taking selfies, group photos, and more with the Split Flap display. Lucky Dorr encourages guests to use #LuckyDorr to share their visit to the historic Wrigley Park. Of all Instagram photos with their hashtag, nearly 20% incorporate the Split Flap display. 

Lucky Dorr has Become a Staple

Lucky Dorr uses their Split Flap as an interactive way to engage guests and create cherished moments. All within their establishment. Moments like these cause those involved to start taking pictures and attracts the attention of all other guests as well. Just 1-year after opening, guests have placed Lucky Dorr on a pedestal and deemed it worthy of their most cherished moments.

lucky dorr bar at wrigley

For guests, taking a picture with the Split Flap is a staple of the unique experience every time they stop in for a drink. This picture is a prime example of what you can expect guests to take with a little team pride thrown in the mix.
What could possibly make a day at the park any better? A soft pretzel a refreshing drink, and a nostalgic sound of flapping messages. 

Actual Guest Photos

The Allure of the Flap

The power of social media and the Split Flap has helped Lucky Dorr become one of the most popular spots in Chicago on game day. Locals are starting to become regulars and tourists can’t get enough when they make the trip. Their Split Flap is undoubtedly one of the key factors for that. The sign adds a sense of nostalgia that places guests in the same era as Ron Santo and Ernie Banks, some of the all-time Chicago Cubs. 

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