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How we use Miro to Effectively Brainstorm Remotely

Collaboration at a touch

As we adapt to working from home in this time of isolation, how does a company like Oat Foundry keep innovating and creating ideas?


It is a web application that allows creative thoughts to flow through a virtual think tank from any location. This application allows our team to participate in, what would be, our daily brainstorming sessions at the shop. Miro has become a platform that is a part of our creative process to keep our ideas flowing, together.

Don’t change your habits

Miro offers various brainstorming approaches adhering to any companies or organizations line of business. Whether you need to brainstorm fresh ideas to bring in leads for the week, new product ideas, or expand on a client’s project – Miro is the place that will take your ideas from scattered ideas to clear concepts. If you use a tree-like diagram, list, or even an easel, this application provides your favorite technique virtually.

Our Brainstorm Process

At Oat Foundry, we found that Miro’s Brainwriting template allows everyone to jot down and expand on ideas. The template consists of digital sticky notes arranged in a vertical layout and colors assigned to a participant.

  • Establish a common goal before starting. This can be a single sentence about the topic or similar. Whatever it ends up being, make sure it is clear to all participants.

  • Everyone shares their ideas on their individually colored sticky-note and then moves to the next participant’s sticky-note until everyone reaches their original color note.

  • Oat Foundry’s spin on brain writing. Once everyone has expressed their ideas and expanded on other ideas, voting begins. Voting allows everyone to view the results of the sessions and gives them a voice in what they believe the best path is to reach the common goal.

Wrap up

By the end of the process, it may seem a bit like chaos to the untrained eye. However, what you will be left with is a valuable collection of ideas centered around one topic. Beyond the tangible result, your team will have successfully worked together remotely to form new ideas. Here is a look at how one of our organized templates turned into a refined collection of ideas that can be used at any time.

Miro brainstorming

Continue the conversation

This methodology has helped us with a collaborative remote brainstorming – something that helps keep us moving. Miro has helped us to keep innovating and building Cool Stuff with a virtual spin on it. If you’d like to discuss brainstorming, please contact us.

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